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Global Access Courier Delivery Services is a licensed Customs Broker, Freight and Logistics provider. We provide a complete array of supply chain management solutions involving air freight, ocean freight, trucking, warehousing and distribution. Is committed to excellence in service and maintains high levels of adaptability to the necessities of our customers, regulatory implementation and technology to the highly ever changing world market. We adhere to high quality standards in order to realize and increase operational and economic efficiencies to our customers. This philosophy is shared by our carefully selected worldwide partners in the logistics industry. With some years of collective experience in freight, and logistics, GACDS and its team of knowledgeable consultants can help you make the right decision on how to move your freight. We offer advice on the best possible means to make your product viable for domestic or international markets.


“international markets.
* Integrated Supply Chain management
* Bonded & Non-Bonded warehousing to * complex supply chain solutions
* Innovative, customized logistics solutions
* Complete Customs Brokerage & Consulting Services
* Customs Procedures & Import requirements Specialists in temporary imports
* Exhibitions and Conventions