Major Achievements

Foreign Exchange Earnings

From its operations in the exports of precious minerals (Gold and Diamonds) and the sale of jewellery, the company generates annually foreign currency inflow fully repatriated into the country and sold to various banks in the country for operations in support of the country’s economy.

Dividend And Corporate Taxes

Since 1997, the company has paid dividend annually to its sole shareholder, the Government of Ghana. The company is up to date in its corporate tax obligations to the Ghana Revenue Service,as well as contributing to the Government revenue for Value Added Tax, Corporate Income, PAYE and Withholding Tax.

Pme System

Under the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) system run by the State Enterprises Commission for all State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), the company has consistently been adjudged among one of the best SOEs in the country; for example, for 1997 assessment, it was ranked third among twenty eight (28) participating organisations, for which it was honoured.